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Third Party Patch Management

Our mission at Easy2Patch is to simplify and enhance your IT security strategy by automating the process of updating third-party applications with the latest patches in Microsoft ConfigMgr, Intune, and WSUS.

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Third-Party Patching in Microsoft Intune and SCCM

Join our groundbreaking webinar to dive into the world of third-party patching with Microsoft Intune and SCCM! As IT environments become increasingly complex, ensuring the security and stability of software applications is a crucial security measure.

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All-around Third-Party Patching Solution

Save time, labor, and money while increasing your IT security

Automated Patch Management Automated Patch Management

Discover the importance of third-party patch management and its impact on system security.

Using WSUS for Patch Management Using WSUS for Patch Management

Easy2Patch seamlessly integrates with Microsoft WSUS, centralizing the distribution of software updates for Windows and associated applications.

Streamlined SCCM Patch Management Streamlined SCCM Patch Management

Integrates with Microsoft SCCM to automatically manage software updates and update third-party applications. It provides effective control of application updates and installations.

Effortless Management with Intune Effortless Management with Intune

By integrating with Microsoft Intune, the Easy2Patch solution keeps devices up-to-date, secures them, and ensures the latest third-party app versions, reducing security risks."

Why is Easy Patch?

Why Easy2Patch?

Easy2Patch is a software that enables centralized updating of third-party products running on computers within IT ınfrastructures. It works integrated with WSUS, ConfigMgr, and Intune. Its scope is limited to third-party Updates on Windows Operating System Platforms. Easy2Patch does not allow the archiving of updates or the archiving of setup processes. This design ensures that your updating and installing processes are automatically on time.

Updates for third-party products are securely provided with the original site link. With the Defender feature, Easy2Patch can automatically send third-party applications to the computers within the group the system administrators determined. These are on the CVE score to be determined but forgotten or not configured to be sent via Easy2Patch.

  • Stay up to date
  • Extensive application pool for wide use
  • Automatic protection of computers with Microsoft Defender feature

Easy2Patch’s Powerful Platform Features

Automated Patching

Updates a wide range of applications automatically and centrally

Centralized Patching Control

Manages the distribution of third-party application updates centrally with SCCM, WSUS, and Intune support.

Patch Deployment

Deploys third-party patches as they are released.

Patch Reliability

With hash check controls, file reliability is ensured. .

Patch Compliance

Helps your organizations to be compliant with patch management standards and regulations.

Distributed and Remote Patching

Distributes and patches software updates to various devices or systems, including geographical locations.

Agentless Patching

Deploys software updates securely without installing separate software agents on target devices.

Customized Patching

Customizes and distributes software updates to specific devices or user groups based on predetermined criteria.

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Agentless Patching Architecture for SCCM, Intune And WSUS

Easy2Patch securely deploys software updates without requiring additional software agents on target devices with SCCM, WSUS, and Intune support. This streamlined approach ensures simplicity, efficiency, and centralized control in the patch management process.

  • Seamlessly update selected applications.
  • Manage updates/setups for computer groups.
  • Enable patch management from a central point securely.
Agentless Patching Architecture for SCCM, Intune and WSUS
Effortless Patching for 350+ Third-Party Applications

Effortless Patching for 400+ Third-Party Applications

Easy2Patch offers a comprehensive catalog including more than 400 third-party applications and software options and simplifies third-party application management and updating processes. These applications are managed seamlessly, providing efficient updates for third-party software applications.

  • Save time and workload
  • Eliminate the complexity of creating applications
  • Update automatically and centrally
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Complete Visibility and Control Over Your Patching

E2P patch manager offers administrators and managers a user-friendly solution for easily handling third-party patching tasks. This comprehensive approach significantly contributes to the reduction of security vulnerabilities. Additionally, it’s easy to synchronize patches to your preferred schedule. Easy2Patch sends notifications about the transactions via email, Teams, or Telegram.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Sync Schedule
  • User-friendly Patch Management Experience
Complete Visibility and Control Over your Patching

All You Need for Effortless
Third-Party Patch Management


Enables centralized and automatic updates for all chosen applications in the catalog.


Managing and adapting the Easy2Patch catalog is done according to customer demands.


Facilitates the updating or installation of third-party applications directly from the official site's original URL.


Offers several features such as deployment methods of updates (available/required), and user feedback within the application.


Managing all settings on Easy2Patch interface including updates, applications etc.


Patches third-party applications that have vulnerabilities to protect against cyber threats.

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What Our Users are Saying

Aktiftech A.Ş.

With Easy2Patch, a large part of the burden in our operational processes has been eliminated.

With the large-scale app catalogue, the findings experienced in old version apps have been closed in this sense. Especially the ease of use of the consol allows us to see the app status in the general structure that it discovers, and when we want to make a new app package when necessary, we can convert it into a package via the consol. This completely eliminated the work and waste of time such as preparing a new app package. Finally, working with local engineers in terms of support is marvellous in terms of fast support and solution in terms of fast support and solution.

From this point of view, it is a very high quality product, thank you.

Metin K. Senior Enterprise Architect - Aktiftech Inc.
Numeko Group

Easy2Patch has truly revolutionized our operational processes, lifting a significant burden off our shoulders.

The extensive app catalogue has effectively addressed issues encountered in older versions of apps. The console's user-friendly interface allows us to effortlessly monitor the app status within the discovered general structure. When the need arises to create a new app package, the console simplifies the process, eliminating the tedious work and time wasted on preparing a new app package. Collaborating with local engineers for support has been exceptional, providing swift solutions and support.

In essence, Easy2Patch is an exceptionally high-quality product, and we are immensely grateful for its contribution to our efficiency. Thank you for providing such a valuable solution.

Semih K. Chairman of The Board - Numeko Group