Automate Your Third-Party Patching via Easy2Patch
Easy2Patch eliminates the need to manually update third-party software installed on your entire team's computers, helping you save labor and increase your organization's information security.
Patch potential security vulnerabilities faster with current updates
The operating systems installed on our computers and the vulnerabilities of the applications running on those computers could create a security vulnerability at least as serious as external threats and viruses. Software manufacturers, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to remediate these security vulnerabilities by publishing updated versions and patches. These updates are vital to avoid potential security threats from applications. Easy2Patch helps you to prevent such security vulnerabilities by centrally analyzing and distributing current versions and patches of software on your computer.
Save time and labor in your software update processes.
In today's organizations, where many employees use a lot of software, manual version updates and patches create a huge operational burden. In addition to the workload required by the update processes for each software, the difficulty of manually following the current versions of the software in different structures also reduces the efficiency of the IT departments. Easy2Patch, which automatically performs operations such as detecting update addresses and related versions for the software used, helps you to use your time and workforce more effectively.
Find suitable updates without manual tracking by matching vulnerabilities with the CVE database.
Trying to follow up-to-date versions of different software in various structures with manual methods is both time-consuming and a method that can cause security vulnerabilities. By matching software vulnerabilities with the vulnerabilities in the international CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Risks) database, Easy2Patch automates the step of finding appropriate updates and simplifies reporting.
Increase your security by responding quickly to Zero-Day vulnerabilities.
It is important to rapidly distribute patches and updates developed for newfound vulnerabilities in software and therefore highly vulnerable to external threats. Easy2Patch provides the opportunity to respond to Zero-Day vulnerabilities in a short time, as it speeds up the process by automating the stages of downloading the catalog to the system and ensuring its use on SCCM during software update processes.
Make it easy for your software administrators with practical log structure and simple interface for troubleshooting.
Easy2Patch has a log structure in a format suitable for the management skills of SCCM administrators. With its easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface, it helps SCCM managers to manage related processes in the most practical way.
Easy2Patch is a product written with domestic and national resources. It has been produced in Hacettepe Technopolis with the software experience gained in the IT projects that the Arksoft Bilişim team has carried out in cooperation with respected institutions for years and their knowledge on system security.
Helps you avoid potential security vulnerabilities
Software manufacturers release up-to-date versions and patches to patch security vulnerabilities in the software we use. Installing these patches and updates regularly helps protect users from security vulnerabilities and helps you respond quickly to threats such as Zero-Day vulnerabilities.
It allows you to use the most stable versions of the software.
Various malfunctions that occur due to faulty code in the software you use and disrupt the stability can be fixed with updates. Regularly updating your software allows you to use the most stable versions and to fix the problems in your software as quickly as possible.
Helps you avoid potential security vulnerabilities
Support and warranty periods set by software manufacturers may become invalid for software below certain versions. Software that has expired can be updated with new versions to make them supported again. Easy2Patch ensures that the software you use remains supported by helping you keep your software up to date.
Integrated with SCCM/WSUS
Easy2Patch works integrated with SCCM/WSUS, it does not need an extra agent for update processes. Thanks to the automatic release options on SCCM and WSUS, the released updates are automatically distributed to all clients.
Working with the Common Vulnerabilities database
The application works with the Common Vulnerabilities database to provide information on which gap each software has covered in the CVE list, facilitating the process of finding and reporting relevant updates.
Practical email notifications
Easy2Patch's activities are communicated to the relevant recipients via e-mail. Notification of important details such as the release of updates, catalog synchronization, license information is provided via e-mail.
Easy2Patch is a software that complies with the standards recommended by the "Information and Communication Security Guide" published by the Presidential Digital Transformation Office. The item " Use of Software Update Tools" under the heading "3.1.3. Threat and Vulnerability Management" recommends checking that the most stable and up-to-date security versions of the software are running with automatic software update tools. Easy2Patch works integrated with the SCCM structure, allowing these controls and updates to be carried out by SCCM, and supports the implementation of the threat and vulnerability management measures in the guide.
40.000₺ + KDV
50.000₺ + KDV
95.000₺ + KDV
The applications that are supported by Easy2Patch
Airtame Inc
Arksoft Bilişim
Balsamiq Studios
Binary Fortress Software
EBG E-tugra
Florian Balmer
Fortinet Inc
Foxit Reader
Igor Pavlov
Irfan Skiljan
JAM Software
Recast Software
Scooter Software
South River Technologies Software
Trimble Inc.
uVNC Bvba
Void Tools
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